Saturday, 25 September 2010


Hi and welcome again. Did the topic above capture your attention? I guess it did just the same way our attention was captured the first time we heard that statement. There was some kind of confusion as we did not know if it was true or false perhaps fiction. So we decided to find out for ourselves, knowing at the back of our mind that if this statement was to be true it may be having some sort of damage to the Nigerian men out there in some ways.

Sometimes a guy depending if he is financially well off may will use that as a medium to entice a pretty lady he see’s walking down the street. Ladies you know what I am talking about, some ladies drive and some do not. And may be for those who do not drive and for those that drive on that lovely summer afternoon you happen to just take a short walk on your own and you see this guy pull up in his car maybe BMW X5/X6 or a Range Rover Sports or Ferrari but sometimes an old car that is out of fashion(but my guy is trying at least he own a car) and you know he pulls over, some guys will beep and stay in the car, while some real gentlemen who know how to play the game will beep, so the girl see’s his face and then he parks at one side of the road, steps out and walks toward the beautiful damsel  that made his mind skip a bit. In this two scenarios 80% of ladies will prefer a guy that steps out of the car to chart them up, and see’s the guy that stays in the car while driving at trying to chart them up as if they were some whore, come on man you know ladies love their self respect. And 10% of ladies will be fine with the guy that stays in the car and just chart, so yeah these are the ways through which a guy that drives can play THE GAME and pull. Or maybe in a clubs a guy offers to buy a girl a drink.

The examples above are all fine great but our questions is do Nigerian men take it to the next level on how far or the price they are willing to pay just to win a potential girlfriend material or maybe not potential girlfriend or someone you just want to chill out with and have some fun time together as two adults. Well we spoke to a number of ladies in some cases without the camera rolling because they felt more relaxed to say the truth about this very matter and they all said yes Nigerian men are the most extravagant spenders when it comes to impress the opposite sex. Some ladies even went as far as given illustration on events that take place in the clubs and rather than a Naija guy just offering to buy you a drink, they propose champagne for the night and maybe shopping for the next day and you haven’t even gotten to know the girl, they shower you with money and all you need to do is point and they buy. Come on guys(Nigerian Men) get to know the girl first, you know talk rather than spending, keep your money. You know what you may think the girl will love you for that, but some of the girls that keep you company in the clubs do that just for this reason. That you will burn some cash on them to impress them and that is why  they maybe difficult to impress even after all this spending and the reason for this is they want you to continue spending and trying to impress them and even when they finally take you into their life, it may not necessarily be for the love they have for you but for the luxury they stand to gain.
And we did speak to a number of ladies and they all said that to be really honest if you try winning a girl in this manner, be well assured that when the money for any reason slows down or even fade away so does the love fade away.

Another disadvantage is in the long run, if you continue spending too much money trying to impress every girl you meet, whether you believe it or not it does affect you finance and therefore you see some Nigerian men that make so much money in their mid twenties to their late thirties and when they are suppose to enjoy the fruit of their hard work (because Nigerian men do work hard), they have some sort of crunch financially and in some cases one can blame it on the market or bad business but not taking the time to see where the real problem originated from, which can be directly traced back to your extravagant expenditures on clubs every weekend trying to impress this girl and that girl. And funny enough you look around you and those girls are all gone.

I can never forget a statement that a lady made to me. She said “when you spend too much on women and trying to impress them with your money, remember that you are investing in another man’s wife and making her look beautiful for another man” . And this is a statement of fact, you do all this for another man’s wife what do you do for your own wife and family? They are the one that will have to live with you when you are old and grey. Do not gamble your wife and children future just to be investing in another person’s wife. No don’t think that is a wise choice. Try this when next you get to a club you can in a funny way ask a girl to buy you a drink not that you are being selfish but when you do this as a Naija guy she may find it really funny and picks up a really keen interest on you, which may result in the long run her really loving you.

NOTE:  We are not saying that you should not spend on your girlfriend or woman, but try not to build a relationship on this foundation get to know her first and make sure she has an interest in you genuinely then you can spend on her. And for your wife, come on man! She is your wife in the whole world she should be the woman getting all your luxury and blessings and your family too.

You see Nigerian men need to be financially intelligent and depending on how you treat your money will determine to a large extent how financially free you become in the future and remember

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons”

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  1. Hi, I lov this article so much it opens my eyes. I have meet this amazing nig man online, he is wonderful in everyway, I couldnt ask for more. And he isn't ashamed of tellin me his promblems. Ealier in our friendship he told me his money promblems as if it was my job to fix it...after I told him I can't send him cash...he made it seem like it was my fault for his money issues. But 4 months into our next level of just friends I am giving him advice on how to deal with the issues and not just go ask arround.
    2.I'm american citizen and not nig and was raised in the u.s, does tht ply an effect on this?

  2. Hi Mengesha thanks for your post, first I think it is wrong that an online friend or a friend to be to haunt you for money so early in relationship regardless of your nationality, that will be wrong in my opinion my suggestion is if you like your friend will be better that you are honest and express your dissatisfaction which such attitude, but i guess on the other hand some people may genuinely need such help, well i will always leave that to your personal discretion... thank